The mission of Gelyana Ministries is primarily to do three things upon the earth. Our chief purpose is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. The focus and energy of this ministry is dedicated to winning souls into the kingdom of God. We believe the heart of God for this ministry is to bring in a harvest of multitude’s around the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. The second mandate of this ministry is to bring healing to the sick physically and emotionally. Miracles are one of the distinguishing marks of Dany and Natasha when they minister. Gelyana Ministries was built on the power of God and forever will be a miracle ministry. The third mandate given by God to Dany, is to strengthen the body of Christ in the inheritance that belongs to them through the Holy Spirit. Revealing through the word of God to the Church, the anointing that belongs to each member corporately and individually to expand and release the kingdom of heaven on the earth.

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Our Purpose, Plan and Calling!


This ministry is committed to the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ without hesitation or compromise. Our first and foremost mission is to see the salvation of lost souls from darkness into Christ’s marvelous light. As a resounding trumpet we declare the message of the cross to the world through our events and media outlets.


The Bible concretely teaches that Jesus Christ is both savior and healer eternally. At every service or event Daniel makes it one of his top priorities to pray for the sick. The miraculous hearings of sick bodies is one of the hallmarks of DGM.

Equip the Church

God has called the body of Christ to walk in the resurrection power of Christ Jesus and live in total victory in each are of life to transform our world daily. When Daniel ministers he teaches the body of Christ the endless power they have in the finished work of Jesus Christ and how to obtain fullness of the Christian Life. The revelatory truth preached from Gods word has transformed thousands of lives around the world and empowered multitudes to find the calling God has for them.

The Holy Spirit

The manifest presence of the Holy Spirit is the secret to Daniel Gelyana’s life and ministry. Daniels reliance on the Holy Spirit to exalt the name of Jesus is clearly evident at every service or event. The spirit of the living God is the engine that keeps this ministry moving forward producing transformed lives by miracle working power in Jesus Christ